Finding a work – life balance is tough for most of us in today’s busy world.

It’s massively important to work as efficiently as possible to achieve great results, while striking a balance to retain as much quality leisure time as possible.

Here are our tips for increasing your productivity in the normal working week.

1) Wake Up Happy!

Routine and a peaceful start to the day help enormously to set your frame of mind for the day ahead. Try making a brew and watching the view from your window to give yourself time to prepare for the day. Enjoy a nice shower to freshen yourself up for what faces you.

2) Avoid Social and Email!

Don’t start the day reacting to things. Social media and emails demand your attention and require your reaction. Prioritise your peaceful routine over minor distraction.

3) Eat A Live Frog!

Once your wake up routine is complete, analyse the day’s tasks and set your priorities. That big ugly task will still be there at 5pm – tackle it first so the rest of the day is filled with easier and more straight forward tasks.

A great sales trainer once said to me “eat a live frog for breakfast every day” and he was absolutely right. Get that hard to swallow issue gone and the remainder of the day can be a breeze.

4) Quality or Quantity?

Ask yourself what’s more important – does one customer have a business critical issue that’s being swamped by ten minor issues with other customers shouting louder? Getting one £10,000 deal boxed off or 10 x £1,000 deals? Manage your time correctly to deal with the top line issues first.

Guess what – sometimes it doesn’t matter if those minor tasks run into the next day; çe la vie!

5) Remove Distraction

I know, I know – the phone’s going, you’ve got to organise the kids from school, the boss wants to see you, etc, etc, etc…Listen; you’re doing TOO MUCH!

It’s impossible to focus with so much going on. Lock your office door and unhook the phone for one hour each morning to process and organise the day.

This is where for me working at home comes into it’s own. The ability to shut out everything else other than the point of focus means that remote working is without doubt the most efficient and productive time in the working day.

6) Process, process, process

So how do we tie all the above together? One word. Process.

Get a system in place that works for you and stick to it. Whether that’s using a traditional pen n paper diary, a daily to-do list or a cutting edge CRM tool like Salesforce, find something that works for you.

Automation not only tidies daily tasks but it clears the mind to help with all the above.

7) Smile

You’re in working to earn money so you can give yourself the best possible quality of life – smile more, make sure the balance firmly favours quality of life. Suddenly you find that tough grinding working day becomes a whole lot easier, and incredibly rewarding and enjoyable too!