Consistent blogging is an essential component of a good online strategy for any business, but it’s very common for business owners and marketing staff in small and medium sized companies to struggle with regular content.

Often heard questions are how long a blog should be, what the content and subject matter should contain, how often one should blog, how to measure the effect of your blogging and, simply, how to find the time!

The following top 5 tips to business blogging should come in handy for your future online marketing strategy.

1. Focus on Solving Problems

Asking for help is not a bad thing, but offering solutions free of charge via a company blog is a very powerful tool to use and a great way to support your customers. Think about the problems your service or product solves for your customers and give them some of your niche knowledge.

2. Clear & Concise

Choose a topic, write about it directly and sincerely. With so much content available on line you need to demonstrate very quickly to the reader that this content is both helpful and easy to digest. Focus on the subject matter at hand.

3. The Customer’s Eyes

Make sure you put yourself in your customer’s shoes – what would make you personally want to read a blog on your website? What blog on one of your supplier’s or competitor’s website made you read it in it’s entirety?

4. Brainstorm your business for blog titles!

There are popular search terms that you can use to focus on finding great blog content that’s easy to write. Try to think about what your business offers, whether service or products, and then see how many “How To…” and “Top 5…” you and your team can come up with.

For example, a party entertainment business could easily write about any or all of the following ideas:

  • Top 5 Tips for a Great Party
  • How to organise a kids party
  • How to book a children’s entertainer
  • How to choose characters for a kids party
  • Top 5 adult party ideas
  • Top 5 kids party games
  • How to plan a birthday party
  • Top 5 party at home ideas
  • Top 5 Alternative Ideas for Wedding Entertainment
  • How to CRB check your children’s party entertainer
  • Top 5 characters for kids parties

5. Sub Contract a Specialist

Even with the previous 4 tips, it can still be tough to work this into yours or your team’s schedules. Luckily, there is a low cost alternative available.

Red Year Associates offer monthly white label blog writing services from just £22.50pcm* (layman’s terms: we research the topics and write the content for you).

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Well, that completes the top tips for business blogging.

If you’re reading this then it’s probably worth noting that all the above things work 🙂